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The Pre-school Prospectus

Welcome to Aughton Early Years Centre

At Aughton Early Years Centre we aim to create a happy, secure and interesting environment where the children can explore, experiment and learn from the varied materials and activities we provide. Our Pre-school offers a range of quality learning experiences which will complement and broaden those already received. We hope you and your child will enjoy your time with us and share these new experiences together. By providing an environment geared to the needs of 2-3 year olds we are helping each child to make progress in all areas of their learning and development. Centre staff work hard to support the whole family and to forge strong links with the local community.

Our Pre-school is run by professionally qualified staff and has a maximum 16 places available morning and afternoon.

The times of the sessions are:

8.45am - 11.45am

12.15pm - 3.15pm


Governing Body

The Centre has a Governing Body which supports with the running of the Centre and which meets regularly to discuss Centre issues. The Governing Body consist of representatives from the Centre, parents and people from the local community.


Places will be allocated from a waiting list when children are approximately 2½ years old.

Session times & Fees

Pre-school will be open term time only

Monday - Friday 8.45-11.45am/12.15-3.15pm

One month’s written notice, with full payment, is required to vacate the place.


Please see the link at the bottom of this page for the current fee structure.

Pre-school fees are invoiced at the beginning of each half term and payable in a block. Full fees are payable if your child does not attend and there are no holiday allowances as this is a term time only service.


All charges are subject to review and service users will be notified. All fees are payable in advance by the due date stated upon issue and should be posted in the box situated in the Reception area. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of the service as per our policy. Payments are accepted by cash, cheque (payable to Aughton Early Years Centre), Childcare Vouchers (paper or electronic –schemes accepted are displayed in reception) or online payments – please ask for details. We reserve the right to charge a late payment fee of 2.5% of the outstanding amount on all invoices still unpaid after the due date printed on the issuing envelope. If you have difficulties with fee payments, please contact the centre as soon as possible. Holiday notification and additional session request forms are available in reception.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is for children between the ages of 0 and 5 years. In Pre-school activities are planned to help children make progress in all areas of their learning and development. This EYFS underpins all future learning and is divided into seven areas:-


  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • Communication & Language
  • Physical Development


  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts & Design

Parents/carers are closely involved in their child’s learning and are asked to inform staff about their children’s interests. The children are regularly assessed to monitor their progress and to enable accurate plans to be made for future teaching and learning. Staff work in liaison with other teachers in the foundation stage, including colleagues in local FS2 classes and in private and voluntary settings.


Pre-school has fully trained practitioners and is supported by the Pre-school leader. Everyone at the Centre is called by their first names and we hope you and your child will soon get to know all of us and feel welcome.

We operate a ‘key person’ system. The members of staff who are assigned to your child will support their development, through planning and assessment and will act as your first point of contact. We hope that you will still feel that you can talk to all members of staff on a daily basis, because all the staff will be working with all the children.

We have many visitors and students who attend the Centre for their professional development/training. You may also see other professionals in the Centre e.g. health visitor, speech therapist, visiting teachers, early years practitioners and local education advisers. These people are also involved in the education, general care and well being of the children. No one will observe, examine or discuss your child with outside professionals unless you have given your permission first. If you wish to discuss any worries or problems with any of the above people please contact the staff.

Throughout the time your child is in the Centre records will be kept showing their development and the progress they have made. These records will be discussed with you at a parents’ meeting, although you can ask to see these records at any time. We will also liaise with other early years providers, if your child attends another setting or is with a childminder.

When your child leaves the base he/she will be presented with a Record of Achievement showing some of the activities and interests that have been important and enjoyable during his/her time with us.


At the Centre we have responsibility to make sure that all children are safe and protected. In the event of any concerns we are obliged by law to follow the safeguarding procedures and inform the appropriate authorities.

The designated person for safeguarding in the Centre is Gail Napper (or in her absence Tina Worthington or Laura Gregory).

If you have any concerns regarding children or vulnerable adults please speak to Gail, Tina or Laura.

The use of mobile phones and cameras in the centre are prohibited in the children’s bases.


First Aid, Medication & Illness

Children should be kept at home if they are ill and the Centre should be informed. Infections spread quickly amongst children and they cannot be allowed to attend if they are infectious or have:

  • Eye infections/conjunctivitis (red or discharging eyes).  Medical advice should be sought.  Eye drops will not be given by centre staff.
  • Sickness or diarrhoea: no attendance until 48 hours after the last bout of sickness/diarrhoea.
  • Doubtful skin rashes: no attendance until medical advice is sought.

If a child becomes unwell whilst at the centre, every effort will be made to contact parents/carers or the person specified as quickly as possible. Please collect children promptly to minimise distress and the spread of infection.

Only prescribed medications, clearly labelled with the child’s name, dosage and date of dispensation will be given with written permission from parents and carers. Long term medication will be administered with parent/carer’s written permission provided that staff have received the relevant training. Staff cannot administer ear drops.

In the event of your child being involved in a minor accident we will administer First Aid. In the case of a more serious accident, we will contact you, but if necessary we will take your child to hospital, or call an ambulance.

Starting in Pre-school

Once your child has been allocated a place in Pre-school you will be invited to a meeting where you will be able to meet the staff, complete relevant paperwork and ask any questions you may have. At the meeting you will also be given some dates where you and your child can ‘drop in’ for a couple of visits. After your child has completed at least 2 visits and you are happy then you will be given a start date. The needs and wishes of children, parents and carers are taken into account with this important settling in process and the staff are always on hand should you need advice. We aim to make this experience a happy one for all the family.


Please dress your child in clothes they can manage themselves and are easily washable. Belts, buckles and braces are difficult for small children to manage especially when they are in a hurry to go to the toilet. Please provide a change of clothes in a clearly labelled bag especially when toilet training. For health and safety reasons drawstring bags and plastic carrier bags are not permitted within the centre.                

During the summer your child will be using the garden for long periods. Please ensure that they are protected with sunscreen, sunhats etc. Please apply sunscreen before your child’s session.

Children do play outside on most days and will therefore need to bring a coat.

Please put your child’s name in their belongings.

Children are not allowed to wear jewellery in the Centre with the exception of stud earrings.


Bringing things to school

Please do not send your child to school with sweets/food/drinks or toys from home because it causes distress if these are lost.

You can encourage your child to bring empty boxes and cartons, string, wool, material, shells, bobbins, corks, yoghurt pots etc, for our creative work. For health and safety reasons please do not bring empty toilet rolls, egg boxes or medical containers.


Water is provided throughout the day and milk and a snack will be provided mid session. Please inform us of any allergies or dietary requirements. The Centre encourages healthy eating and we therefore ask parents/carers not to bring in treats for the children including, sweets and birthday cake.


When your child is ready to move into a foundation stage setting, staff will discuss this process with you. If possible staff will accompany children visiting their new setting before they transfer to help them become familiar with their new surroundings and the staff there.

Collecting children               

Your child’s safety is paramount. We will only allow your child to leave Pre-school with a parent or named person. If your child needs to be collected by someone else you must inform us in advance and give the relevant password.

No child will be allowed to go home with anyone under eighteen (Unless they have PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY, not parental permission)

Children who fail to attend

If a child fails to attend for one week without the Centre being informed, staff will contact you by telephone. A letter will be sent out after two weeks asking if the place is still required and after a month the place will be automatically re-allocated to another child on the waiting list.


The Centre runs a library where parents and children may choose a book or maths game together to share at home.  You can use the library as often as you wish, as it is available every day.

Children with Additional Needs

The Centre has a Single Equality policy. Some children may have learning difficulties and/or disabilities and will be supported by staff under the direction of the teacher with responsibility for special educational needs. Children who are identified as having learning difficulties and/or disabilities will be placed on SEN Formal or Informal and appropriate targets will be set to help the children make progress. Staff will work in partnership with parents/carers and with people from outside agencies to meet the child’s individual needs.


At Aughton Early Years Centre we like parents to be involved with us in their child's education and actively encourage you to come into the Centre.

We also like to meet and talk with you when you bring or collect your child and we will always be available if you have any worries or concerns about your child. Please talk to us, as we cannot do anything about it if we do not know.

Our aim is to make your time at the Centre as enjoyable as possible. We look forward to meeting you and your child.

Acting Head Teacher/Head of Centre: Andrea Smith

Pre-School Leader: Tina Worthington


Issues and Concerns

Please discuss any issues or concerns you have with a member of staff or with the Head of Centre. We do have a Complaints Policy which can be accessed in the Centre or on the Centre Website.

(updated 4.5.17)