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Tree Planting

We were fortunate to be given 30 free saplings from the Woodland Trust. This was a copse pack which included; silver birch, wild cherry and rowan varieties. In addition, the rangers from Rother Valley Country Park kindly supplied tree spirals and canes to support and protect the saplings. We invited parents/carers to be involved in a 'tree planting day' on Wednesday the 12th of March. Small groups of children from the whole centre worked with adults to plant a sapling along the bottom corner of our lovely garden. Each group had an information pack, including images of what the trees would look like when fully grown.

This activity helped the children to develop their understanding of growth and changes over time, enabled them to use literacy in a meaningful context by labelling the trees and following instructions, and supported their social skills by working together as part of a group. Everyone enjoyed taking part in a very worthwhile activity that enabled the children to see the imprtance of supporting the environment and making our garden an attractive area to learn in. A big thank you to everyone involved.