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Christmas Fun!

The children have had lots of fun on the run up to Christmas. We have been doing different types of crafts in preparation. All the children in the Young Children's Base enjoyed the Christmas party!

Stay and Play

Harleen has been offering some 'Stay and Play' sessions for the 2-3 room children, to help develop communication. Lots of families accessed this and stayed to join in.

December 2018

0-2 Room

Exploring the new provision in the main garden.

Our children have enjoyed exploring the main garden developing their physical skills and building their confidence.

November 2018



Building Work in the Garden

We have been been having lots of work done in our garden. The children have enjoyed watching the workmen and were excited to see the JCB diggers!

Bonfire Night

The children in the 2-3 room have been doing lots of different activities for bonfire night. They enjoyed baking, and making collage pictures.

Preparing for Diwali - 2-3 Room

The children enjoyed making chapatis for Diwali. They really enjoyed tasting them afterwards too!

November 2018

October in the 2-3 Room

We have all settled well in the 2-3 room. We have enjoyed lots of new activities and are developing our skills. We’ve enjoyed the large garden, used our imagination in the home bay, made pumpkin soup and had fun baking.

Fun in the 0-2 Room in October

In the 0-2 room we have been enjoying spending time indoors and outdoors, exploring the provision and developing new skills.

Welcome to the 2-3 Room

September has been an exciting month for us in the 2-3 room. Lots of new children have started and have settled in well. They have built good relationships with staff and are developing confidence in their new environment.

Here are some photos of the children engaging in some activities in the room and outdoors. They really enjoyed picking tomatoes!

Welcome to the 0-2 Room

The children are settling exceptionally well in the new combined 0-1 and 1-2 provision.

Children have access to a wide range of activities and outdoor play.