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Maths Area

May 2018

Over the last few weeks we've been developing our maths area.

The children have enjoyed the 'loose parts' as it's provided open ended resources to extend and develop their maths skills.

While the children played and explored they learned about quantities, shapes, colours, numbers and problem solving.



Bug House

May 2018

Children explored the natural world and noticed details in the environment.

They learned about mini beasts and talked to share their experiences. They also learned how to be kind and show their compassionate side towards other living things, by looking after the bugs.

Fairy Garden

May 2018

This is our 'Fairy Garden'.

The children used their imagination to play and develop their skills in a stimulating environment.

It also boosted their confidence and helped them to make friends.

The outdoor area continually provides new experiences to enhance the children's imaginative skills.