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Supporting Children's Learning at Home

Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to share with you some of the things we have been focussing on this half-term in FS1. Please remember that you are welcome to look at the planning displayed on the window in the base also. We are continually planning for children’s next steps and in addition, take account of children’s interests through our planning of the activities below:

  • Phonics- Phase 1 phonics activities within the provision and supported in adult led activities to support early reading. Some children are taking part in phase 2 phonics sessions.
  • Summer- including observations in the outdoor environment and discussions about dressing and preparing for the weather.
  • Key texts- The key texts for this half term are Rosie’s Walk and The train ride.
  • 30 Days Wild- Following our outdoor stay and play, we are taking part in ‘wild’ activities and are encouraging you to do the same at home. It may be laying down on a rug and looking for shapes in the clouds or looking at a weed growing between cracks in the pavement. It can be that simple. If you manage to get any photographs of your ‘wild’ activities at home, we would love for you to share these with us through the centre email address:
  • Focus groups - Children will be taking part in focus groups linked to the reading area of learning where we will be sharing both fiction and non-fiction books. Wherever possible, children will be grouped alongside others who are going to the same school as them. We find these are great to support transition!
  • Transition activities- Children will be visiting their new schools this half term and will be visited by members of staff from their new class. We will be encouraging discussions about school through activities in the base e.g. having school uniforms in the homebay, reading stories and lots more!
  • People who help us- This half term, we are lucky to have some visits planned by parents who are coming to talk to the children about their job! The children will be getting a visit from an ambulance and getting the chance to play with some dentist role play equipment in support of National Smile Month. If you are interested in sharing your role with the children, please speak to a member of staff.
  • World Cup (14th June-15th July) - With some children already expressing an interest in the football world cup, we are looking forward to planning activities to support this.
  • Sport training- Some children are taking part in sports training on a Tuesday morning with SJD sports coaching.
  • Butterflies –This half term we will be looking after some caterpillars and watching them transform into beautiful butterflies before releasing them in our garden.
  • End of year sing- The FS1 end of Year Sing and coffee morning will be on Friday 20th July. More information will be given nearer the time. 
    Please feel free to speak to a member of staff if you would like any further information

          Thank you



There are many ways to support your child's learning at home.  One of them is through attending a worksop at the Centre.  These can cover many different aspects such as early reading and writing, Early Years Foundation Stage, problem solving and numeracy, outdoor play etc.  However if you are unable to attend the workshops we will include the presentations here on our website.

File icon: pdf Booklet for parents Phase 2 [pdf 29KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Information about mark-making and Letters and Sounds [pdf 13KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Letters and Sounds activites for use at home [pdf 60KB] Click to download