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Supporting Children's Learning at Home

We would like to share with you some of the things we will be focussing on with the children this half-term in FS1. The overarching theme for the next 7 weeks is ‘Let’s Talk’, focussing on Communication and Language and Literacy. We are also continually taking account of children’s interests and plan each week so please remember that you are welcome to look at the planning displayed on the window in the base.


  • Bonfire night – trying bonfire foods, enjoying a bonfire tactile tray, creating colourful firework glue drips and much more!
  • Each half-term we will be focussing on two key texts, this half-term they are ‘This is the bear’ and ‘Stick Man’. We will be engaging in lots of activities associated with these texts.
  • Remembrance Day (10th November)
  • Children in Need  (Friday 17th November) - we will be having a party in each base; asking children to bring a teddy bear, wear something spotty,  bake buns and go on a spot hunt!
  • National Nursery Rhyme Week (W/C Monday 13th November) – The five nursery rhymes we will be focussing on are Bobby Shafto, Lavenders’ Blue, Hickory Dickory Dock, Wind the Bobbin Up and Old King Cole. Each nursery rhyme will be sent home at the end of each day.
  • Road Safety Week (W/C Monday 13th November)
  • Christmas activities – thinking of how and why people celebrate Christmas; making cards, collages and calendars, counting down to Christmas with our FS1 advent calendar and much more!
  • Christmas Story (Monday 18th December and Tuesday 19th December)
  • Christmas Parties (Thursday 21st December or Friday 22nd December)
    Please feel free to speak to a member of staff if you would like any further information.

There are many ways to support your child's learning at home.  One of them is through attending a worksop at the Centre.  These can cover many different aspects such as early reading and writing, Early Years Foundation Stage, problem solving and numeracy, outdoor play etc.  However if you are unable to attend the workshops we will include the presentations here on our website.

File icon: pdf Booklet for parents Phase 2 [pdf 29KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Information about mark-making and Letters and Sounds [pdf 13KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Letters and Sounds activites for use at home [pdf 60KB] Click to download